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  1. Start with the cashbook balance from financial statements at the beginning of the year. (Zero in the first year of the bank account)

  2. Add: Total receipts from list of receipts

  3. Deduct: Total payments from list of bank payments

  4. Calculate the subtotal.  This balance is called the cashbook balance and will be your starting point for next year. It must agree to the bank control line of the trial balance column of the annual summary.

  5. Deduct: Receipts listed on list of receipts from the paying in book that have not appeared on the bank statement yet.

  6. Add: Payments listed on the list of bank payments form the cheque stubs that have not appeared on the bank statement yet.

  7. Total: This should agree to the final balance on the bank statement up to the date of the list of payments and receipts. If it does, the bank control line has been reconciled to the bank statement.

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