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About The Website

This website contains free information published for private consumption and editing in downloadable formats. Links are provided to official guidance and it is essential to refer to source information where indicated. This website does not provide any services to individuals or entities. The statement below is from the developer of the content: 

" I had the vision of www.uktaxandaccounts.com in August 2008, a world first online training venue for directors of SME's and Chartered Accountants.  The site went live shortly before the world wide economic downturn of 2008 to give small business owners and budding entrepreneurs operating in the SME market the tools needed to start trading quickly and to provide much needed support in the delicate early stages of trade. The consistent growth of regular site visits has been beyond my wildest expectations and the site has accumulated well over 2 million hits per year since inception." 

A word of special thanks is extended to the technical team who assisted with site development at initial stages, Robert Benyon and Ross Godlonton from Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. Without their invaluable input, the site would never have come into existence.  And to the clients who opened their doors to teach us how to create a successful trade, you will never be forgotten.